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All media types are pigment-based, archival.
Non-mounted Prints. Any shape or size from 5 x 5 to maximum size in 0.001" increments.
Glossy9 mils thickUp to 40.75" x 96"$4.00 per square foot*
Metallic Glossy10.5 mils thickUp to 34.75" x 96"$7.50 per square foot*
Satin10 mils thickUp to 40.75" x 96"$4.00 per square foot*
Standard Matte7 mils thickUp to 40.75" x 96"$4.00 per square foot*
Enhanced Matte12 mils thickUp to 40.75" x 96"$4.80 per square foot*
Premium Matte21 mils thickUp to 34.75" x 72"$8.20 per square foot
Canvas(1)21 mils thickUp to 40.75" x 72"$9.00 per square foot
* + 20% if longer than 72"

Mounted and Framed Prints. Size selections presented in drop-down menus. Except for gatorboard when ordered without hanger, all are ready to hang on the wall.
Gatorboard Mounted PrintsEnhanced Matte paper on 3/16" thick black gatorboard. Sizes up to 30" x 42"$15.00 per square foot, + $2 for metal hanger, or $6 for standout hanger.
Mounted Canvas PrintsWrapped around 1.5" x 1.5" wood stretcher bars, with matboard back and hanger. Sizes up to 24" x 36"$20 + $20.00 per square foot (including wraparound area).
Framed PrintsEnhanced Matte media in wood frame. Simulated mats available.$20 + $12.80 per square foot.
Shadowbox Mounted Canvas PrintsMounted canvas prints, with additional framing in black shadowbox.$30 + $30.00 per square foot (including wraparound area).
(1) Canvas prints may be ordered with borders, 2" each side or 3" each side, for wrapping around stretcher bars. When ordering, specify the size without the borders. Pricing will automatically adjust to allow for the borders. The maximum 40.75" x 72" applies to the total size including borders. Eight options for border style (e.g., mirror image, blurred mirror image, white, none, etc.) are available.

Quantity discounts are based on the sum of your current order, plus whatever else you have ordered over the previous 90 days. If over $500, 5% off. over $1,000, 10% off, over $2,000, 15% off. Discounts are taken during checkout. They won't appear in your shopping cart.

The best and easiest way to get more detailed price information is via our Price Calculator;